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You are great most days, however, it's those other days that you question.  The truth is no one is exempt from the enemy's tactics, but there is a strategy for your victory.   

What people are saying about my books

Rodney Mitchell

Hey, my name is Rodney Mitchell. I'm just one of many individuals who has read (What Did I Say?) I can truly say that I've gained a different prospective on life and reading as well from this great book.  I would recommend it to anyone that wants inspiration and a great read.  This is definitely the book for you.

Sonji Monroe

Great books to read, be inspired and spiritually motivated! Also, Author Kimberly D. Graham writes so purely from the heart and it delivers so authentically from her anointing. Order your book(s) today and remember that Christmas is around the corner and these will be awesome gifts! 

Jennifer McNeil

I read this book "What Did I Say?" The month of August (1st through the 30th)...It was uplifting to read each devotional. I gained a deeper understanding and applied each reading to my daily life. Now, I am talking and listening to God more in my daily time of need. Thanks Kimberly Graham ❤  Please order your copy today!

Yolanda Grubbs

'What Did I Say?' if you don't have this book by Kimberly Graham you need to get it, no doubt with God all things are possible. 

Lori A. Love

GOD SENT THIS!!! I do not talk about anyone's book, but this I knew when I started reading...

One of the things I've realized over 20 plus years of ministry is that it is hard for most people (Christian people too) to be honest with themselves about how they are and what they are doing or not doing with their lives🤔🤔🤔.  I can surely say "help is here in the form of a book." This will help you work through things that you would normally call someone to help you with or work through. In the book it will be you, Kimberly- her honestly, God and what HE has to say about you (good stuff😉).  I'm convinced more will flow out from this book🤔 God has plans for sure. Make the investment and stay tuned...

My plan was to read the entire book but when I started I had to stop, so now it's one day at a time
(Day 1- Doubt).

Mikell Gipson

"What Did I Say?" is not just a 30 day devotional that you read once and move on to your next book, but it is a meaningful reference book that you will cherish as your go-to-guide.  You will find yourself using it as a self help tool and as a tool to assist you with ministering to others.  This is my encyclopedia of inspiration! 

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