Who is Kimberly?


About Me!

Cool Chic from Cold City - I was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.   

In the Beginning – I began probably like most girls writing in my diary.    

Heels to Boots I am a war veteran; I served in The United States Army. 

A little more...

The GiftI have always been one who encourages--it's what I do best.  One way I encourage, inspire and motivate is through my writing.

Beautiful Brain - I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theology and Biblical Studies from Minnesota Graduate School of Theology.  My degree was awarded with the honor of Summa Cum Laude.  

A little bit more...

Fun Facts – I am a Realtor in GA.  I love matchmaking. My absolute favorite recording artists are Fred Hammond and Prince. My favorite color is blue and my favorite scripture is Matthew 6:33.

Loves of my life – My amazing children Javon and Alexis are my biggest blessing, I love being their mother!      

Wise WordsSpeak Life!