Meet the writer who is blessed to be an Author!

Who Is Kim?


Cool Chic from Cold City - I was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and raised by my mom with my three siblings. Growing up in a city that truly experiences the four seasons of the year was a blast. The adventures I had in the snow and below zero weather will never escape my memory.   

In the Beginning – As a girl, writing in my diary was something I did to remember important events and accomplishments. When I became a teenager, it was less about the events and became more about my daily activities and emotions. As a woman, writing became therapeutic.    

Heels to BootsI grew up a girlie girl, yet, after high school, I did an uncommonly girlie thing and joined the United States Army. Taking off my high heels and putting on combat boots was the first big life transition I ever made. While serving, I deployed to the gulf war (Saudi Arabia), and am now a war veteran. That tour of duty is definitely on my list of most memorable moments while serving. Being in the military has not only given me a great respect for those who have and are currently serving, it has given me an extended family.   

The Next StepI asked God to reveal my gift and purpose and very clearly He revealed that one of my gifts is being a writer. For so long, my writing was strictly to help me, however, now I am able to use it to help others. I write to encourage, uplift, motivate, entertain and cause the reader to think. I love being a writer!    

Beautiful Brain - I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theology and Biblical Studies from Minnesota Graduate School of Theology.  My degree was awarded with honor of Summa Cum Laude.  I plan to continue my education and obtain a Master degree and ultimately a PhD.  

Fun Facts – I am a Realtor in GA. so, if you are looking to buy or sell in the metro Atlanta area contact me.  I love matchmaking. I enjoy listening to R&B oldies but goodies, and gospel music, with my absolute favorite artists being Prince and Fred Hammond. I love hanging with family and friends. I love watching inspirational movies, television shows and comedy.  My favorite snack is hot chips mixed with popcorn, favorite color is blue, favorite scripture is Matthew 6:33 and my favorite animal is my dog, Baby!

Prized Possessions – My mother is who I admire most and my children and husband Jerry are my most prized possessions. They are what I will forever call my answered prayer and dream come true! Being a wife and mother is without a doubt the best thing I have ever done and the best part of my life.     

Wise WordsSpeak Life!