The Chosen Generation

This book encourages you to walk in your uniqueness and use the gifts and talents God has given you to thrive.

We are all chosen to do something great so use your God given gifts & let your light shine bright!!


You have to decide not to be a victim and to be victorious no matter what you have been through. You have to make up your mind to be successful and confident without giving your lack a place to dictate your success. When you make up your mind to change and be who you were created to be, success will happen. Once your mind is made up, stay the course, renew your mind daily and do not look back. In the Bible there is a story told about Lot and his family leaving Sodom and Gomorrah, which is a place where a lot of lewd acts were made. These people did what they wanted and submitted to no one and their actions led to destruction and their demise. Because Lot was related to Abraham, God allowed him and his family to leave that place before it was destroyed and gave them instructions for success upon leaving, He said “don’t look back!” As Lot and his family were leaving, Lot put blankets over the children’s heads so they would not be tempted to look back, but Lot’s wife looked back and instantly turned into a pillar of salt (Genesis 19:26). His wife died in that very moment and her family kept moving forward. Listen, there are no do-overs in life; all we have are do-better next time moments. That second, minute, hour, day, week, month and year is over. You either did your best in that moment or you did not, but you cannot recapture that moment; it is dead and gone, so move forward. When we look back and stay too long with the moments of 'I should have said this or I wish I did not do that', we die or should I say, become unmovable. We are now stuck as the clock is going tic toc and before we know, it more wasted moments. "Remember Lot’s wife" Luke 17:32". Remember what happened to her and how her action affected not only her, but those that loved her.  We must learn the lesson. Try this, walk forward while looking backwards and see how far you get without stumbling or walking into something or someone. How successful were you, and is that a good example of how to reach your goals or is not dwelling on your past a better one? If you must, repent where you need to, forgive yourself and move forward; it’s the only way to get past where you are and on to your promise. Make today better than yesterday by letting go of your past mistakes and tomorrow do the same; and before you know it yesterday will be yester-month and yester-year and that’s when you will be able to enjoy your today, the moment you are living in now. Don’t Look Back!     

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