WHAT DID I SAY? 30 Day inspirational devotional

30 Day inspirational devotional that is inspiring, motivating, encouraging, helpful, ability to journal, provides accountability, and spiritual.


"What Did I Say?" is a book full of reminders of how much Our Heavenly Father loves us.  Life can be challenging sometimes and who better to talk to about our life than God?  We can talk to Him about anything, and we should, because He has the answer to everything.

So, as you read and go through this 30-Day Inspirational Devotional, my hope is you will receive clarity about some things and become willing to let go of what has been holding you back from living life authentically.  At some point, it may be a bit challenging to be open and honest, but believe me it will be freeing.  

After reading this book, you will be glad you had these needed conversations.  Enjoy partaking in conversations with Our Loving Heavenly Father, who wants nothing but the best for His children. 

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